If you have not done goat yoga…go do goat yoga. I never posted photos from this, but Meredith asked months ago if anyone wanted to go with her to Mad Lavender Farm for some yoga, but with goats. which is a trend sweeping the nation if you didn’t already know (true fact). And, YES. I wanted to go.

We went back in July, this is how behind I’ve been posting and keeping up with things here. But it was so much fun, and such a great chance to catch up with Mere! I don’t think I’d seen her since her wedding in 2014, and that is just WAY too long. I love that woman, and I got to see her new house!





This was just the best, can’t recommend it enough. There really isn’t that much yoga happening, it is really just cuddling some goats, but…there was a small smattering of yoga. And so many goats. Did I mention the goats? It was pretty rad.