We’ve been bombarded with snow this week. Today’s Saturday, and the first storm was last Sunday night. School was closed for two days, and then another (smaller) storm came in Friday at lunchtime, so all the local schools closed early. My birthday is just a few minutes away now, and yet another snowstorm is set to head our way either tomorrow night or Monday, I think. And here’s the thing we’re learning about Washington–they don’t have a lot of snow plows.

Adam took his tractor out to clear our street–twice. And nowhere is well salted, so it’s been pretty exciting out there. Yeah, snow seems to be a stay-in-the-house affair out here. Apparently these storms have been pretty big for the area? Anyway, since we couldn’t do much I took a lot of pictures, played in a fair amount of snow, and cooked comfort food.

I made lasagna rolls during the first storm.

And I made Dijon and Cognac Beef Stew from a NY Times Cooking recipe for the second storm.

I don’t know what I’m going to make for the next storm, but whatever it is I’ll have this view from our kitchen and dining room.