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pan roasted fish

Last year I got pretty good at cooking fish and adding it into my dinner planning. I cook shrimp all the time (the only shellfish Adam likes), but I really wanted to expand my skills and start swapping out red meat for fish where I could. We cut down on red meat a lot last year, which was way easier than I thought it would be. I’m kind of a raging carnivore, and I still eat it, but cutting back on it wasn’t hard. Read more on Eat More Fish!…

slow cooker french dip

This is a great all-season slow cooker recipe that makes delish leftovers and lunches. I made this recipe last summer for a crowd, and we still had leftovers that were awesome on less fancy bread (or straight out of the tupperware).

I have a thing about sandwiches, I do not know why. I don’t make them that often because they just don’t set my cooking heart aflutter like a braise or a roast or a new pasta dish. They’re just not very sexy. But, I should get over it. I am terrible at lunches (my least favorite meal to prepare…again, just not sexy), and there’s no reason sandwiches shouldn’t get a little more respect in this house. I need to be better at lunch, and this recipe is a good start. Read more on Crockpot French Dips…

balsamic short ribs

I love you, Smitten Kitchen. You are one of my favorite food sites, and The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is just the best. I have been obsessed with short ribs this year, and your beer-braised version has reinforced why short ribs are worth the attention.

Read more on Balsamic and Beer-Braised Short Ribs…

2014 teacher boxes

I promise that title sounds fancier than the boxes really are. I love teachers (I am one!), and I love putting these treat boxes together. This is just a little extra on top of the class gift, largely because I always have more jam than any three-person family could eat in a year. And you need something to put the jam on, hence…scones. Also, Hannah’s school has just been completely amazing to her and for her, and I want to show my appreciation for their work with our little late bloomer as often as possible.

Last year, Hannah’s first at her school, I made gift boxes for her teacher, aide, the head of the school, and the marvelous admin. I put in some blueberry butter I’d made over the summer, a Starbucks card, and some homemade scones I made the same morning I delivered the boxes. The scones were just so fast and easy that this year I kind of decided this was a tradition worth keeping up. And, again, I made all the scones last Friday morning while Hannah was at school and then delivered them at the half day pickup.

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spanish tortilla

This is a great brunch dish, and I’m lining up my arsenal of brunch, make-ahead, and feed-a-crowd dishes for the festive season. My other set of in-laws and one of my brothers-in-law are coming for Christmas, so we’ll be eating. A lot. And this recipe eats really well.

I’ve made quiches, but never a proper egg tortilla. This recipe was from the America’s Test Kitchen Skillet Recipes special edition magazine (it might also be in the Best Skillet Recipes book). I kind of loved the lack of crust, and the firmer-than-an-omelette texture. Also, I would say chorizo has been my other favorite ingredient this year (next to beef short ribs). I’m going to have to try this again and experiment with some other flavors, but this one was super delicious.

6 Tbsp plus 1 tsp olive oil
1.5 lbs. Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled, quartered, and cut into 1/8″ thick slices
1 onion, halved and sliced thin
Salt and pepper
8 large eggs
4 oz. chorizo sausage, casings removed
4 scallions, thinly sliced

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Smitten Kitchen grilled cheese

Hannah and I had lunch yesterday with my good friend Kathy, a music journalist who is just so fierce–I’ll be posting more about her in the new year when she starts popping up on my television regularly. We ate at Spuntino, home of the supremely yummy small plates and burgers and truffle fries. She told me I’d “finally” posted another recipe (that baked ziti). Her devotion to this little blog of mine earns her all of the hugs and a quilt that I just delivered. More on that later. In the meantime, here is another recipe. I fully believe in giving the person what they want…or something?

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baked ziti

Dishes like this are what cold weather is for. It’s what makes it tolerable. Cheese, tomatoes, pasta, plenty of leftovers or enough to share. This is such a great option if you’ve got a crowd to feed over a holiday weekend and are tired of the Christmas leftovers. I might even make this for Christmas Eve this year.

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Last year in early November, with the very last remnants of my spoils from apple season, I made this fantastic jam for Thanksgiving. I gave jars of it to Hannah’s teachers at school the day before Thanksgiving break last year (but not this year, she was out sick with an ear infection the whole week). We served it at the table for the big feast. We served the last jar of it last week for Thanksgiving, and I still forgot to take photos of the jarred goodness instead of the giant pot of hot goop.

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gnocchi with bacon and tomatoes

I guess it’s a bacon-and-greens kind of month. This one is a super easy weeknight dinner from the April 2014 issue of Food Network Magazine. It’s amazingly substantial without using many ingredients, which I always appreciate.

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This was a totally improvised dish inspired by the amazing brussels sprout frittata recipe I found last winter in Food and Wine. I actually made this not long afterwards, and I’ve made it once or twice since. I am creative in many ways, but improvising recipes usually isn’t one of them. This is an exception!

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