This was, by a mile, the best birthday party H has ever had. Four of her friends and their moms met us in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Owl, a unicorn horn store, for a day out in NYC. The moms went for coffee, and Adam and I stayed to take photos of the girls picking out their own special unicorn horns, making unicorn crafts, eating unicorn cupcakes, and solving clues for the store’s magic mirror, which spoke to them and transformed them from little girls into magical unicorns. We could not have packed more unicorns in if we tried, it was fabulous.

And a great adventure, and a change from the usual parties we’ve done. I think the kids and the parents had a great time, and after the party we walked down the street to Burrito Bar & Kitchen for lunch, which was also a hit. Great place for kids, and they gave us the back room to make noise and hang out. It was fantastic.

Here are some photos. I might post a couple of the videos on Instagram.

And now we have a six-year-old. I made her a unicorn cake for her actual birthday. I think we’ve pretty well covered this theme, next year on to another one.