This. Little. Girl. Right. Here.

So she turned two last Saturday. And she had an epic party at Coco Beans Play Cafe. And she wore this amazing dress from Mini Boden. And that “Birthday Girl” headband/tiara situation. She knew it was her big day, and she just had the most amazing time.

H 2nd Birthday-6998_exported

Seriously. The best time ever.

H 2nd Birthday-7020_exportedThe play time at Coco Beans was perfect. The kids had an hour to run around inside the play space, and then the owner, Adrienne, and the staff gathered the kids around to do some parachute play. That was the coolest, I’ve never seen H play in a group this way. And she was laughing so hard over the parachute games that she could barely stand up.

H 2nd Birthday-7018_exported

She stayed close to her cousin Grace. But she had a wonderful time with all the kids, it was so stinking cool to see!

H 2nd Birthday-6980_exportedI made her cake. I posted earlier this week that I decided to be brave and try my hand at a fondant-covered cake again. I noticed all of the imperfections, but I do think it was an adorable cake. And it tasted amazing, and it was a hit. Satin Ice fondant, that was key.

The cake says “TEA FOR TWO,” which was the party theme. A tea party, with a little teapot on top of the cake.

insideofcakeThe inside of the cake, on the bottom tier, was three shades of blue. The top tier was 2 shades of yellow, but really it just looked like cake.

We didn’t manage to get any photos of the food spread, which is a shame. Tea sandwiches cut out in teapot shapes, these insanely amazing Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats from Smitten Kitchen (I won’t post my own photos, hers are so much better). That recipe is also in her book, which is where I found it for the party. Whoopie pies, both classic and gluten-free (I will post that recipe another time). We had fruit salad, juice boxes, and Pop Chips (pretty much H’s favorite snack these days). It was just…so great. I’m not even forming original thoughts about how marvelous this party was, all I can say is “it was so great.” Some things cannot be explained in better words than that.

H 2nd Birthday-7035_exported

Who  blew out the candles? Mommy did, H was too busy eating a Pop Chip. Tables were pushed together to make a big square, for a real social tea party, and the kids sat in little kid chairs all the way around the square. This was too adorable for words, and when I lit the cake Adrienne carried it over and put it right in front of H. She stood on her chair while we sang to her, and she did not stop munching Pop Chips once. I think she ran around so much that her appetite was funny, she barely touched her own cake! And she loves cake! She had some leftovers at home, but still. Cake! At her own party!

We just love her to the moon and back, and it was amazing to see her celebrate and love every minute of her birthday. I kind of can’t wait for next year.