chicken fingers

I think other people’s kids might love these, but my child…is my child. Food is a hugely contentious issue. Actually, she’s gotten better this year, but she still has a very limited number of things she’ll eat. I made these way back in April but never posted, and maybe I should try them again. She picked at them but refused eat them. I bet I could get her to try them now. She is very susceptible to bribery.

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I have a secret in my basement, and we have come to fear this secret.

Last year during apple season I was tired of all the usual apple things, and I got this idea in my head that I was going to learn how to make hard cider from scratch.

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This is the year I’m doing it, I’m making a twin-size Christmas quilt for the living room. It’s always been on my list, I’ve never actually done it.

I fired up Love Actually on my laptop and combed through all the holiday prints I’ve been hoarding for years now.

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It’s time to move Hannah out of her toddler bed and into a twin. She’d been boycotting the toddler bed, which was her converted crib, since the beginning of the school year. She absolutely refused to sleep in it, she’d camp out on the floor. And when fall started to kick into gear, Adam and I realized we needed to get her a new bed before it got way too chilly for her to be on the floor.

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It’s paper time.

Hannah and I hit up The Container Store in Paramus last Friday, the same day as coffee with Kathy, for one of my favorite annual holiday traditions. I actually debated whether we should make the hour drive this year just for wrapping paper, when I’d seen some cute prints at our local TJ Maxx. But tradition is tradition is tradition. It makes me happy to watch H get in on these rituals.

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Friendships in your 30s are so much different than friendships in your 20s, and thank goodness for that. I hope my 40s are even better.

Kathy and I met 13 years ago when were pretty fresh out of college, working a random office job we’d found ourselves in together. We weren’t happy about it. Our entire early friendship was based on being unhappy. We were snarky, wanting to get on with being who we were going to be. We were restless.

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I haven’t made a single, solitary new recipe since school started, unless you count party food.  This is a new record for me, and even though I’ve been cooking a lot of old standbys, it’s also been two solid months of throwing together whatever random thing is in the fridge. Success varies.

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Porchiness is not a word, but let’s just pretend. Here’s my fall porchscape (pretty sure this is also not a word, but see if I care). Some of these mums and pumpkins have fallen on hard times since I took these photos a few weeks ago, but it is still so seasonal out there.

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October 2015 Outfits-001

I’ve needed this week to kind of reboot a little and shift gears from fall/Halloween to HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL THE THINGS TO DO!!!

But October was pretty great. Mild weather, a great party, a killer homemade Halloween costume for Hannah. I got TWO new chunky turtleneck sweaters, which means prepare to see those two sweaters in constant rotation until March. I do not play around when it comes to turtleneck season.

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Meet Supergirl. I picked up this Simplicity pattern last month, thinking I’d make it at some point for her dress up box. At the time, she’d told me she wanted to be a horse for Halloween. Then she saw the pattern.

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