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So this chevron quilt is from Crazy Mom Quilts Zig Zag Quilt tutorial. I know usually chevrons are made with half square triangles, but I just could not face HSTs at the moment. I needed to get this quilt done ASAP. And this tutorial has been fabulous.

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strawberries 2016 1

We didn’t go strawberry picking this year, but we did pick up strawberries from Cedar Hill Farm & Nursery, a local farm that sells pesticide-free strawberries. The season has ended here, which makes me sad every year. It feels too short!

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field station 2

I took Hannah to Field Station: Dinosaurs last summer because it was scheduled to close at the end of the season. But, surprise! It’s been reopened temporarily in Overpeck Park in Bergen County. And I’ve heard that there are plans to eventually move it to a new, permanent location.

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story book 1

I’ve started a new quilt to give as a gift next month, using a jelly roll I’ve had in my stash for a while of Kate & Birdie’s Story Book collection for Moda.

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hello goodbye 1

This was a really quick design and assembly. I think I’m going to write up a tutorial for this one when I get some time to concentrate on it, but I just love, love, love, love this quilt. On a Friday morning I was standing in the fabric store picking out emergency Plan B fabric for this super last minute plan, and on Monday morning I was delivering it to Hannah’s teacher, just in time for the end of the school year. It came together fast.

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This was a really yummy chicken dinner from Little Spice Jar that I found on Pinterest. I need to make this again, it was good. I plopped it on some angel hair because PASTA.

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May 2016 Outfits

I am really late with this one. This spring has been crazy with knee surgery, our UK trip, and Adam switching jobs. So much good stuff, lots of stress, mountains of laundry to do.

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Last Day of School 2016

This was such a great school year. A year ago, we were worrying about Hannah keeping up when she moved from the toddler to primary class at her school. We’d been through weeks of evaluations for the public school preschool special needs class. We’d talked to her school’s headmistress, all of her therapists. We knew we wanted her to stay at her current private school, but they don’t have any specific program for kids with speech disorders or developmental delays.

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chatsworth 9

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On our last full day in the UK, we headed to Chatsworth. I’ve been before, but it was on my very first trip to England back in 2004. It was a lot different than I remembered.

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derbyshire yorkshire 1

Other posts on this trip: Legoland Windsor, Liberty of London!, And All the Rest of Southern England, Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest, National Tramway Museum

The last leg of our UK trip last month was up to stay with my in-laws in Derbyshire and spend some time running around the country and running around Sheffield (which is South Yorkshire).

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