Here’s a simple, quick, cute project to make with your kids. We made these googly-eyed love bugs for H’s class Valentines this year, but we’ve made them in the past just for fun. H’s party was postponed a week because of a giant snowstorm the night of my birthday that, combined with midwinter break, meant school was closed all of last week. It was the fourth snowstorm we’d had in just over a week, February has been wild around here.  So one day while H was home and I was working, I set her up to work on these for school.

I cut the hearts out ahead of time using a Cricut Maker and some glitter paper, but you can also just trace a heart-shaped cookie cutter (if you can find a 3″ heart that’s perfect) and cut these out by hand.

Googly eyes were attached.

Her dad took a work break to help her tape the pipe cleaner antennae on.

And a pile of sparkly bug cards for school were born. Simple, sparkly crafts in my new studio. The kiddo stayed busy on one of her endless snow days this month, and I was able to work without feeling like I was neglecting her. I may have taken a break or two to help glue, too. She loved her first Valentine’s Day party at school, when it finally happened.