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I finished my Valentine table runner, just in time for Monday.

I’m thrilled with the blue in these fabrics, it works with my dining room’s blue walls.

I just stitched in the ditch for the quilting on this one, mostly because of time restrictions. So it has a puffiness to it from not being quilted down all over, but for something seasonal like this I really don’t mind that.

I had a weird time getting this trimmed and bound, though. I trimmed off the excess batting and backing fabric and made this binding:

I sewed it down on 3 sides, then realized a) I didn’t have nearly enough binding to finish the remaining long side, plus I was out of this fabric; and b) I still had batting showing on one side in the back. I hadn’t trimmed the quilt well enough. So I had to rip up all of this binding, trim it again, and make new binding instead:

This is the same fabric as the backing, the only fabric from the Love Nest collection of which I had a large quantity. Once I finally had enough binding I followed all of my mom’s directions (the 1st part of which are here), and it came out really well. So much better than my binding usually looks, I just need to work more on my corners.