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It’s the start of Memorial Day Weekend, and the arrival of summer has me making one of my annual Things to Do This Summer lists. Last year’s list was kind of a bust since I found out shortly into summer vacation that I was pregnant. After I got home from my summer travels I was basically hanging on to my bed for dear life while I got through the first trimester. Okay, it really wasn’t that bad at all…but I didn’t do much.

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School is officially over for the summer.

And it’s very surreal.

This year flew by, I can’t believe it’s June already. So it hasn’t completely sunk in that summer has arrived, and I haven’t been doing my usual summer project planning for months leading up to it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot today, and here is my Summer 2011 To Do List. There may be things I add as we go, but this is what my goals are right now.

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October is my favorite month of the year, hands down. And even though it’s still a week away, I thought it would be a great time to start planning! Nothing beats NYC in October, but if you live in the tri-state area here are some ideas to pack your weekends all over the place:

1. October 2nd, 2010.
Valley Shepherd Creamery Cheese Festival.

Last year I went to Valley Shepherd Creamery in Long Valley, NJ for their annual Sheep Shearing Festival (where I shot this photo of the sheep pre-haircut). We had a great time, but the thing that stuck with the most was the phenomenal cheese and butter made on site and sold in their country store. It is to die for, honestly.

So imagine how excited I was when my friend Meredith and I saw their stall at the Rutgers Farmers Market and heard about the Autumn Leaves Cheese Festival this fall. Wine/beer and cheese tastings, cheesewich and panini stations, and their incredible gelato? And it’s just $15 to get in? I will be there with bells on.

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I’ve taken a short sabbatical from blogging since school started on Thursday. It wasn’t intentional; I’ve had so much going on that I’ve just been too exhausted to sit down and post. So now I’m trying to get my brain organized and back into school/fall mode. As usual, I need a list for that.

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This month sucked. I rang in the New Year with a bang in Paris, but I woke up sick on January 1st. And as of today I can officially announce that I have been sick every single day this month. Stomach bug for a week, flu for 2, sinus infection/residual stuff from the rest of the month for another week. I’m still on antibiotics, I’m still getting woozy/headachey episodes from being all congested. I’ve had bloodwork done 4 or so times while my doctor tries to figure out why I didn’t kick the bug faster. It’s been great fun. It’s gotten me pretty down. Especially since I always seem to get sick in January.

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