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I have a lot of big goals for 2015, but January was a little much. H’s been waking up at all hours, and we’ve had snow days, pinkeye, and my own stomach bug just this week keeping us so cooped up ever since the holidays. And really tired. There have been a lot of leggings and ponytails this month, which usually means mama’s too tired for laundry¬†and hairdos. I missed a lot of outfit photos,¬†and I’m fairly sure I was wearing yoga pants on all of the missed days.

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January 2014 OutfitsSo here’s the first (half) month of my project to motivate me out of yoga pants. A few things: a) I’ve decided it would be easier to use my phone for the photos this time around, but as I do not have the steadiest of hands I’ve got more blurry photos than I anticipated. I’m working on that. b) There are a couple of these outfits that I absolutely hate, but I did not know that until I saw them in photos. So, kudos for learning stuff! c) Cardigans are still my friend. d) I really only wear, like, 3 pairs of shoes during the winter.

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This month has felt like an eternity, as January usually does, but it’s been a HUGE improvement over last January. Two snow days (spent in pajamas in these photos). Haven’t been sick. Life here is pretty good so far in 2011, and I’m thrilled to start this year off better than last. Here’s to the next great month.

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I’ve been procrastinating all month on the 1st pie of my pie-a-month New Year’s resolution. I knew I was making Lemon Meringue, Adam’s special request. But it wasn’t until I had the idea yesterday to make a matching apron each month to go with the pie that I finally got motivated. I have decided this is a genius way for me to use up some fabric stash (that’s not even the only lemon fabric I own), get creative with my pie plans, and once and for all feel like Donna Reed.

So of course I spent yesterday afternoon making the apron instead of making the pie. But still. Then of course last night I had to go on a mission to buy pie weights. But I needed them if I’m going to be a serious pie baker, like Kerri Russell in Waitress (minus the bum husband). I finally got the crust baked by about midnight, left it to cool overnight, and did the rest today. In very long, drawn out stages (this is not a quick pie to make). So I didn’t actually finish the pie until after 9pm tonight. But delicious and so fun for a first pie of 2011

I used Martha’s Pate Brisee recipe for the crust (because it didn’t call for shortening), and America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book’s recipe for the filling and meringue. And I used 2 yards of lemon fabric from the Farmer’s Market collection from RJR fabrics, about 8′ of ribbon for the ties, white thread, and a length of yellow bias tape for the neck. I’ve tried to explain how I made the (completely improvised and certainly not by-the-book constructed) apron as we go along with the pie. Enjoy!

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Which isn’t that exciting yet in and of itself, besides hearing all the stories of everyone who was snowed in till Kingdom Come with nothing but cannibalism and stale bread to get them through the week. But since it is the start of a new month it means new library displays. And I love Display Day!

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This month sucked. I rang in the New Year with a bang in Paris, but I woke up sick on January 1st. And as of today I can officially announce that I have been sick every single day this month. Stomach bug for a week, flu for 2, sinus infection/residual stuff from the rest of the month for another week. I’m still on antibiotics, I’m still getting woozy/headachey episodes from being all congested. I’ve had bloodwork done 4 or so times while my doctor tries to figure out why I didn’t kick the bug faster. It’s been great fun. It’s gotten me pretty down. Especially since I always seem to get sick in January.

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