I have a lot of big goals for 2015, but January was a little much. H’s been waking up at all hours, and we’ve had snow days, pinkeye, and my own stomach bug just this week keeping us so cooped up ever since the holidays. And really tired. There have been a lot of leggings and ponytails this month, which usually means mama’s too tired for laundry and hairdos. I missed a lot of outfit photos, and I’m fairly sure I was wearing yoga pants on all of the missed days.

But now I think I’m getting a grip. February is my birthday month, so I’m excited for plans and projects. Today I spent the afternoon writing all of my lesson plans for the month, which I used to do all the time. But so far this year it’s been a marathon every Sunday morning to get them done and gather what I need for the week. If I can get one month ahead, then I can stay ahead. Plan bigger and be better organized.

We’re organizing a lot of paperwork around here, too. Tax stuff, budget stuff, getting the filing cabinet in shape and moving old files to the attic. These are every January projects, but we’re only now really getting things reigned in. It’s taken a month to get 2015 rolling here.

Now, it feels like it’s rolling. It feels like we can actually start planning the year. And it feels like maybe I can do something about all these leggings and ponytails. I miss real clothes.