Which isn’t that exciting yet in and of itself, besides hearing all the stories of everyone who was snowed in till Kingdom Come with nothing but cannibalism and stale bread to get them through the week. But since it is the start of a new month it means new library displays. And I love Display Day!

Patricia Polacco Spotlight. An idea whose time had come.

Also, I’ve never ever featured JK Rowling. How did that happen?

I love featuring fairy tales in January. I was quite proud of my “Start the New Year with an Old Story” sign when I made it last year. If it ain’t broke.

And finally, Cats. This is my 3rd year featuring cats in January (with that same sign, which I’ve also never been sure is grammatically correct. But I hate wasting paper), so it’s far less exciting to me. But it’s one of the biggest circulation months for my “Creature” feature.