This is what the library displays start to look like at the end of a month:

Displays empty, books knocked over and scattered everywhere. I actually don’t mind it, I want the kids to take the display books. That’s why I get so excited about changing them every month, I want them to look like this by the end. Then I know what books circulated and didn’t, and the kids get exposed to books they may not have found otherwise. I love displays, they are my best marketing tool for books in the library.

So here are the May displays:

Spotlight On: Lauren Child. She has tons of books, and they are all huge with my students. I love Charlie and Lola.

I did the Creature of the Month a little differently and focused on a safari theme. I don’t have enough books about any 1 of these animals to fill a display, but the kids love reading about them all, even the bugs.

I had the idea to do a Girl Power display of female authors and illustrators this month. A lot of students, boys and girls, assume that authors are always boys. I wanted to highlight all the killer achievements of ladies in children’s lit. There are some male illustrators to female authors in the picture books, but I tried to pick the most interesting things I had. And this is such a great display because I can fill it back up ten times over as these books get checked out.