I had the best time running around Lancaster County last week with my in-laws. I think I had more fun in Amish country than anyone else, it was Orange Room heaven. You wouldn’t believe the fabric prices out there! And all the homemade jams and other goodies. Plus hand-dyed yarn from local sheep? How have I not been back out there since I was a kid??

I was so excited by the craftiness that I couldn’t even take a focused picture in Lancaster Yarn Shop or The Old Country Store.

And yes, we did make some childish jokes about being in Intercourse, PA.

The Jam & Relish Kitchen is the backbone of Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, and if you like walking around a big store sampling condiments than this is the place for you. The mint jelly was divine (brought it home), and I loved the ginger peach jam (also brought it home).

At Pepper Lane Fudge you could watch the ladies making it while you picked your flavors. I’m a sucker for chocolate with marshmallows.

After a morning in Intercourse (hee hee) we went into Lancaster to visit a real Amish farm and house. We were quite surprised to find it nestled cozily next to…a Target. Not quite the experience we were looking for, but what can you do?

This cow moo’d right in Adam’s face. I’ll never forget seeing the cow’s breath wafting towards Adam, and the look on Adam’s face when it hit him.

We were exhausted by the time we got back to Philadelphia, but it was so worth it. I’m already planning another weekend out in Lancaster with my mom in March. Time to start filling my piggy bank.