We actually did the quilt show floor today and found some seriously great stuff. I’ve got tons of supplies and ideas for Christmas presents and decorations to make for school. So awesome! But with everything my mom brought down for Thursday’s quilt class, the trunk was already packed. Now with that stuff back in there AND all of our purchases, the actual luggage is going to have to go home in the backseat.

AND we went to a luncheon and talk given by Augusta Cole, a seriously impressive scrap quilter with the most delicious Southern accent and homespun way about her. I almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad I did! That blur on the right is her zipping all over the room.

This is one of her quilts that I adore, as you can see from my expression. That’s my “Mmm…Argyle” face.

I found these incredibly cool Monopoly panels to make fabric game boards. $7.99!

This was the Best of World quilt, the overall winner of the show. It’s called Wistful Willow by Linda Roy from Knoxville. Not my style, but I’ve got to admit it was pretty incredible.

This was the stall for Rainbow Dyes, a yummy shop of hand dyed fabrics made by owner Nancy. I never normally work with hand-dyed or batik fabric, I like bold graphic prints. But this stall was so gorgeous I had to buy a couple of fat quarters to try out.

And this store, Maendeleo Imports, sold gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) hand-painted canvas panels by an artist in Kenya. The shop is owned by a Kenyan family who import African fabric and these panels made by a friend back home.

And the last photo I’m going to post today is of this Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. This guild had a display of their project this year, which was to make quilts inspired by their favorite children’s books (close to my heart!). This one was my favorite.