We have been on the move since 8am without coming back to our hotel room once.

First we took Barbara Barber’s paper piecing class from 9am-4pm. She is a British quilter who was really great. I took a ton of photos to remind me of how to do this in the future, and I shot some goofy video. I’m going to edit all my video snippets together at the end of the trip, I’ve decided.

This is Barbara with her Solstice Quilt behind her. That’s the block we learned how to make, but it’s so complicated to get the hang of that in a 7 hour class we didn’t finish 1 block. But I still loved it, she is a great teacher.

My 1st paper pieced thingy that will be part of a whole block at some point maybe!

Learning how to pin the curves together and sew them (that’s hard).

Us posing in front of one of Barbara’s quilts (which we learned about in class) at the quilt show, like true fangirls.

Two more of Barbara’s quilts displayed at the show. They are just amazing, I should have gotten more closeups.

And that’s it for Day Two! Oh, we also went to see Eat, Pray, Love. I thought the book was okay, but I actually loved the movie. I think I must just love Julia Roberts. And Javier Bardem.