We’ve made it!

My mother and I arrived in Manchester, NH this evening for the NH Quilt Show starting tomorrow morning.

I’m kind of annoyed because I took some FlipVideos during our adventure up here, I went to all the trouble to get FlipShare on my netbook, and it refuses to turn anything into a movie. I’ll have to tinker with that another time, but for now here are some photos from the inevitable stops we made at Cracker Barrel and a quilt store.

The welcoming rocking chairs of the Cracker Barrel in Sturbridge, MA.

The wonder that is the Cracker Barrel general store. I bought a Halloween broom that moves on its own. For the library at school.

Today’s lunch special was chicken pot pie, so…obviously.

And up the road a little was The Quilt and Cabbage.

Super cute little store.

Now back to figuring out why my FlipShare isn’t working!!