Today was a quieter day. I had a completely packed morning, then I came back to the hotel after lunch and didn’t move all afternoon. I tried to go back out to see the Boston Public Library just before it closed, but the subways were too packed with convention goers.

I trekked out to the far reaches of Cambridge this morning to go to Cambridge Quilt Shop. It’s a great shop owned by Lynn and Monique. I spent half an hour chatting it up with Monique, who has the modern style I love. Lynn has a great eye for more traditional fabrics, so together they’ve got a great selection that appeals to everyone. I picked up some great stuff that I’ll show off when I’m back at home.

After waiting in the cold for 40 minutes to catch a bus back towards Boston (yeah, I timed that terribly), I got off at Harvard and walked around the campus. Here’s the famous statue of John Harvard.

I really wanted to get into Widener Library, but alas I am neither a student or a researcher.

There are a surprising number of children’s bookstores in Cambridge. I wanted into this one, Curious George Goes to WordsWorth.

So cute inside, my niece would love this place.

I wandered into the Harvard Book Store to check out the staff picks. I may be picking up I Love Macarons when I get home after seeing it on their display. And some great children’s books.

I also poked around Bob Slate, Stationer. I love seeing this many notebooks. I bought a couple of Where the Wild Things Are toys they had by the register.

Bought a great necklace on sale at Zinnia. It set me back $13.

This guy was busking in the subway, he was great. I’ve got no idea what that is he’s playing, but it was worth some spare change and a photo.

This is the view from our hotel room!

It was freezing outside today, but that didn’t stop the Charles River from filling up with sailboats.