winter library tree 1I finished the winter library tree today. I love it, I think the snowflakes are a huge improvement over last year’s mittens. I used more of my stock of papers to make the snowflakes with a die cutter.

It’s great and wintry. Two of the 5th grade girls who are in our after school care program made the snow on the ground for me before Thanksgiving. During parent/teacher conferences week, when the kids had half days, they were at school for an extra long time. So I let them come into the library and go nuts with the glitter, and they made me enough snow for the library tree and the front library display.

winter library tree 2So the fall tree is officially down, and now we’ll have these great snowflakes for a few months. They make me happy. I had another headache today on top of crummy weather, so this was a nice pick-me-up to work on after school.

I also finished all the December library displays, but that’s for another post.

Now it’s on to more party prep and holiday planning. I’m waiting for the dough to rise on some homemade soft pretzel bites I’m making.