It’s officially cookout season!

Yesterday we spent the evening with friends from my sorority alumna chapter for a Greek-themed cookout. This was the first gathering of an unofficial Epicurean club our friend Audrey is starting up. And it was such a good time.

I made spanikopita, two kinds. I’ll post those recipes sometime this week.

I also made this dessert with Greek yogurt, honey, walnuts, and raspberries.

Our hosts, Audrey and Nick, grilled a whole lamb for us. This is their neighbor Heather modeling the meat plate.

The greatest goody bags I have ever seen: meat.

There was so much food, and we had such a blast. That’s Adam scooping out some Greek salad.

Nick also fried up loukoumades for us, sugar coated and honey coated. They were amazing, Audrey and Nick really went all out. No one I know throws a cookout like they do.

Our host, Nick (on the right!), and a new friend Christy.

Audrey (on the right) with her neighbors Heather and Michele. I hardly got any pictures of Audrey and Nick because they were doing so much work! Hopefully we’ll keep this club going, and next time they can just sit and eat. I would love to have everyone over this summer when our patio is done.