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It’s officially cookout season!

Yesterday we spent the evening with friends from my sorority alumna chapter for a Greek-themed cookout. This was the first gathering of an unofficial Epicurean club our friend Audrey is starting up. And it was such a good time.

I made spanikopita, two kinds. I’ll post those recipes sometime this week.

I also made this dessert with Greek yogurt, honey, walnuts, and raspberries.

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Today was my sorority alumnae group’s Lobster Bake, and we had such a lovely time. A handful of the women I knew from the Manhattan chapter of our alumnae organization, but mostly today was full of brand new faces. And they were great, I jumped right in and felt like I’d known them forever. And, of course, anytime our friend Audrey is involved in an event the food is amazing and plentiful. She is from Maine, so we had some serious lobster. And I finally got to show off my cake. I wasn’t thrilled with the lettering, but I’m still learning and the lobster was the fun part. Here are some photos.

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