I haven’t done any Mo Willems books with any grades yet this year. It has taken all of my willpower to hold on to them until the end of the year, when all my classes start to let loose with the sillies and just do things for the pure fun of it. Last year I did Mo Willems right away, and then by May I was kind of sad that I didn’t save them.

So, now that it’s May I let loose the Mo Willems on the kindergartners. I wish I’d done more with them, but the downside of waiting until the end of the year is that a lot of classes are missed because of assemblies, field trips, and (this year) me getting sick.

Of course we started with the Pigeon books.

Then we drew the Pigeon together, using this tutorial (every time I’ve used this it’s a big hit with the kids). Here are some of their creations:

Of course these all went into a display for the Library Gallery.

Then we read Knuffle Bunny, Knuffle Bunny Too, Leonardo the Terrible Monster, and Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct.

Next week we’re finishing up this unit with some Elephant and Piggie books, including Elephants Cannot Dance. Then we’ll have a little dance party to celebrate finishing and reaching the end of the year.