brownie bitesBrownie bites are done! White chocolate melts perfectly and holds color beautifully, so I will be drizzling these bites tomorrow for the cookout. I tried covering some of the brownies, but it takes a tremendous amount of chocolate, and it’s really difficult to keep it molten long enough to get a nice covering. Therein lies part of the art of baking. I used Grant’s brownie recipe. I cut these into 1″ squares using some of my plastic sewing rulers. Then I made a pizza for dinner. Now my sewing square smells like ham and cookies, so I’ll need to clean those before taking them back to the studio. This is what we call “improvising” here in the Orange Room.

cookie squaresI finally perfected the sugar cookie plan. I used Martha’s Ideal Sugar Cookie recipe and put the dough in my new molds. They came out exactly the way I wanted my cookie balls to be, just squares instead of spheres. These will also get some drizzles, but I don’t know if it will be white chocolate or royal icing (I did, by the way, figure out the difference between my fondant recipe and royal icing–royal icing has egg whites). At this point, I think everyone’s getting white chocolate.

We have been to Costco for supplies.


I have baked. The house is almost presentable for company. Tomorrow is cookout day.