skewers at audrey'sSo we’ve sort of lucked out this month with good friends who keep feeding us well. Last Saturday we spent the day with our Russian friends Dmitri and Lena, who cooked up a storm and showed us a great time. Yesterday Adam and I spent the day at the home of Audrey and Nick, along with our friends Jennifer and Rob. Jennifer, Audrey, and I are friends through my sorority’s alumnae association, and whenever we all get together (with the husbands, without the husbands) we have such a wonderful time. They are two of the easiest ladies I know to just shoot the breeze with.

nibbles at audrey'sI hadn’t seen these women in far too long; busy schedules and life just get in the way sometimes. And it was really wonderful to just sit outside on a beautiful day, talk for hours, play with their 3 dogs, and enjoy the mad cooking skills of Audrey and her husband Nick. Audrey is from Maine and Nick is from Serbia, and it’s like a perfect storm of food whenever they’re behind it. Nick tells stories of recipes and dishes he learned from aunts back home. Audrey knows seafood like it’s second nature, a first language for Maine folks.

Now I want to go to Maine. And maybe I want a dog, too.