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We signed up for a membership at Monmouth Museum, our local county museum over at Brookdale Community College. My brother’s kids love this museum, and it’s been on my list of things to check out for ages. Their recommendation pushed me to check it out on a recent weekday when we needed something fun, local, and out of the heat. The museum is doing a deal in July that gives you 13 months on a membership instead of 12, and they had some great hands-on exhibits and playscapes for the preschool set.

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A couple of weeks ago Hannah and I drove out to Trenton after her Tuesday therapies to check out the New Jersey State Museum, which is FREE. I have a Groupon for the planetarium, but we got there around 2pm and all the shows were done for the day. Another trip, we will be back!

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With no camp or school program for Hannah this summer, and Mama still trying to get some work done, it’s hard to fight the temptation to let her sit in front of the TV for hours while I get stuff done. And I will admit, there are days when that happens. But aside from our summer field trips, I’ve been turning off the TV and trying to put different activities in front of her to stay busy and engaged.

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Hannah’s been doing the camp program at her school, but it’s only Monday to Thursday mornings. So Fridays have been our field trip days. My mom was watching my niece Grace one Friday last month, and the four of us took a drive out to Grounds for Sculpture.

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Last week was an absolute BEAR. I came home Monday from work and got sick, and I stayed sick through Friday night. In between bouts of thinking I was better before getting sick again, we had a blizzard. And Hannah and I played in the snow. AND, for the umpteenth time this winter, we snow painted. Which was so incredibly good for my soul.

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I’ve been on a fabric shopping spree lately. With spring’s arrival, inspiration has been everywhere. I’ve been doodling, sketching quilts, pinning color palettes, and craving new fabrics for my stash.

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The last week in August we set out with my mother- and stepfather-in-law on another road trip through New England. We had such a great time back in March that we decided to do it again. But this time instead of Boston and Vermont, we spent a night in Mystic, Connecticut, went back to Portland for a few days, and then finished up in Cape Cod.

The trip up to CT was insane, the traffic through NYC was so much worse than we expected. But, we did find a Shake Shack in Westport that made everyone’s mood better. I’d never been to one, but Adam had one near his old work office.

Hannah really liked the shakes.

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Hannah and I braved the cold and went into Manhattan for the day today. I kind of hemmed and hawed about it this morning because a) Hannah woke up at 1am in hysterical tears, no idea why and b) I had planned on meeting up with Kathy but didn’t have her Christmas and birthday presents ready yet. Somehow these things, combined with the cold, just felt too insurmountable. But, I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30 this morning and got us out of the house.

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My fabulous and amazing mentor Dee sent this out today, and I love it. Zazzle is now selling prints, tees, bumper stickers with this Burning Through Pages graphic (in addition to some other equally outstanding book nerd goodies). I support everything about this.

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My mom, Hannah, and I went back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday. I was off for Rosh Hashanah, and the museum was closed. So Meredith took us around for another couple of hours to see some more things and get some fun photos of Hannah.

They were tending to a lot of things when we there, so we still didn’t make it to William the hippo. And the Arms and Armor room, always one of my favorites, was also tricky to get to. But we saw lots of sculpture, European paintings, and I made lots of docents and guards nervous when I spread Hannah out on the floor to take some photos. I mean, how many kids get pictures of themselves in the empty Met? I’m pretty sure I was horribly embarrassing, and my mother told me my mission for the day was clear–Hannah photos. I swear we looked at art, and that’s why we went, but I’m also all about preserving cool memories. So here are my favorite photos from the whole day. The Hannah photos are towards the bottom, I really did appreciate the art.

As close as we could get to the Arms and Armor.

But still very cool from above.

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