Other posts on this trip: We Spent Last Week in Italy

Our first full day in Italy, we headed to Treviso, which was actually the closest city to the house. It’s much smaller than Venice, and we were there on a Sunday in August. It was practically deserted, but we ate some pizza at Pizzeria Sant’Agostino di Mansi Patrizia, and it was so good I’m still thinking about it, and we wandered the streets. Treviso has a mini canal system like Venice, it was fun to just walk along the water and in and out of the streets.

We got some ice cream behind the duomo, at Gelateria Calmaggiore, and it was delicious. Our first gelati of the trip.

Then we went into the museum and the duomo.

The Treviso duomo has a beautiful Titian, The Annunciation, in a chapel off to the right called the Malchiostro chapel. 

And H just enjoyed hanging out in the pews. 

That was our day in Treviso, we headed back to the house most afternoons to relax in the pool. We alternated Venice days, so after Treviso came our first day in Venice. But then after that, on Wednesday, we drove two hours up to Cortina, in the Dolomites. We really just wanted to see the mountains, breathe some fresh air, eat more pizza, and take some pictures.

More really, really good pizza. With a view. 

There was a little square right across the road from the restaurant, I took H over there to stretch and run around. And she sat down right next to this local girl and made friends, telling her life story. This girl was about 12, and she was tickled by her new little friend. 

We also found a little playground next to an elementary school around the corner and down a hill, and we spent some time there with H before loading back in the car for the drive back (and more photos).

And then Venice again the next day, then on Friday…we went to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Which was another drive, almost 3 hours, and I took many pictures of red cars that I’ll post all together. But our flight on Friday night left from Bologna, so we drove in and had dinner there. I had a proper bolognese in Bologna, at Osteria dell’Orsa, and I took no pictures of it because I was busy eating it.

But the restaurant was right next door to the Libreria di Cinema Teatro Musica, which looked amazing but was closed when we were finished with dinner.

And around the corner, Libreria Musicale Ut Orpheus, also closed, but also amazing from the outside. Sheet music galore. 

That was a great night, and we stayed at a hotel near the airport for a very early flight. But I think I may have eaten some bad gelato with H after dinner…we left the restaurant early because she was getting a little antsy (European dinners take a while), and there was a really cute gelato shop nearby. But…I had food poisoning hit me when I woke up, and then really hit me just as we were boarding the plane. So…I’m not going to mention the gelato shop. I’m not positive, but I think that’s the culprit. 🙂