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Vacation food, books, bumper boats. That’s really all the intro I need, I feel.

That lobster roll above is from Mabel’s Lobster Claw, and it was divine. That was our first lunch in Maine.

We ate at home a lot; we used the grill, I made grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone one night. But we did have some rather epic dinners out. Adam and I had a date night! And we went to Abbondante for Italian food. It was alright, but we were happy to be eating something that didn’t involve waffles or french fries–this is so rare for us with the tiny human. Then we walked around Kennebunkport eating ice cream from Rococo, and that was extremely delicious.

We had a babysitter for two nights, and all the adults went out for steak and lobster at One Dock Prime. That place was a blast, and the house band was great fun. We also went into Portland one night to Five Fifty-Five, and it was so delicious. That was a spot we’d wanted to visit on previous trips to Portland, but we had H. Killer risotto, delicious hanger steak, and these profiteroles that I had to snap a photo of.


And yes, I did Instagram that sucker.

Adam taught H the joys of the pick and mix at Candy Man in Kennebunkport (the house we rented was in Kennebunkport, btw). She shoved a jelly orange in her mouth, didn’t like it, then took it out and tried to put it back in the bin. I caught it before we had to buy the bin. And couldn’t find a trash can, so obviously my first thought was NOT to put it in a plastic bag but to shove it right into my jeans pocket for later disposal. Moms are impossible to gross out.


And my brother-in-law Thomas even baked cookies! Unprecedented!


I spent time in a rare book shop outside of town. And loved it.


I got H an old copy of Peter Rabbit, I picked up a nice hardcover volume of The Complete Sherlock Holmes, and they had Cath Kidston’s book Make!, which is now out of print. Scores all around!


The shops in Kennebunkport had tons of cute stuff, and I picked up a stuff lobster for our neighbor who brought in our mail while we were gone. H got 2 new sets of PJs–one with lobsters, and these:



Then on our last day we went to York’s Wild Kingdom so H could ride kid rides. She’d been kind of under the weather all week, and perfectly happy traipsing along the seashore, looking at lighthouses and playing in the grass. I wasn’t terribly sure about an amusement park, which seemed like a lot for someone who’d been off her game. But, she did love the little people rides. She had fun, just pleasantly hopping from ride to ride. Especially the boats. So. Many. Boat. Rides.




And she rode her first roller coaster! I don’t even think she knows how she feels about it yet.


Then the next day, we drove home. Bye, Maine!