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After our 3 days in Maine, we spent an afternoon in Portsmouth, NH before heading to Cape Cod for 2 nights.

The main reason we stopped in Portsmouth was because they had a quilt shop. And Portsmouth Fabric Company is a great quilt shop. I scored some Denyse Schmidt, Birch Fabrics, and Cloud9, as well as a great home dec weight hedgehog print from Cosmo.

The ladies in the shop recommended River House for lunch. It was right down the street, and so, so good.

This was where I finally had a lobster roll on this trip, and the best seafood chowder I’ve ever tasted.

Our last stop before hitting the road for Cape Cod was this really cute side street. It’s the home of Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream. It’s on pretty much every list ever made of best ice cream shops in the US. And it was delicious. So good that I didn’t take any photos for fear it would melt.

We really didn’t have much time to spend in Cape Cod, and we were based in Hyannis. I think this was more of a drive-by visit since none of us had ever been to the Cape before. Now we have some ideas about how we’d go back and do it. You clearly need to find a quaint town and rent a house for a week or something. Trying to town-hop was tough. But, I still maintain that I like Maine better.

We got into town by dinner time, and again Adam’s parents watched H so we could go get some dinner. We ate at Pizza Barbone, which was awesome.

I mean, really awesome.

We spent our 1 full day driving up to Wellfleet and stopping in Chatham. We walked around the Wellfleet downtown a little bit and then had lunch on the other end of this parking lot, at Mac’s Seafood.

We stopped in Chatham after lunch to see the beach.

And the lighthouse.

My friend Elizabeth told me we absolutely had to stop at Cuffy’s to get the iconic Cape Cod hoodies and t-shirts. I bought H that hot pink version, and I got myself a kelly green one.

That night for our last dinner, we went to a really good Italian place called Il Maestro. I had a great lasagna there.

And, of course, on our last morning before we hit the road I squeezed in one more quilt shop. But not just any quilt shop.

Tumbleweed Quilt Shop, which was just ginormous. This was one room of many, and they had some great Christmas fabrics that I stocked up on. It was just endless, and they had such great stuff.

I loved this trip, and I’m really loving any trip that doesn’t involve babies and planes. I used to think road trips were so weird and boring–why hop around a few hundred miles from your house when you could get on a plane and go to Italy or something? I have done a 180 since having H. Road trips, and the ability to pack your car with everything you need and stop at will, are where it’s at.