Other posts on this trip: Connecticut.

Once we left Connecticut we headed back up to Portland. We just loved it so much when we were there in March, and we really wanted to go back to Duckfat.

We were there for 3 days, and we spent more time wandering around the city. East End Cupcakes was yummy.

We were even able to get out one night to go for drinks and a movie while my in-laws watched H.

We loved The Thirsty Pig. Great nibbles and drinks. Then we went to see We’re the Millers, which was hilarious.

This girl was juggling by the waterfront while her boyfriend played guitar. They were awesome, and I took pictures of both, but the kid in the background (who totally wandered into the shot he knew I was taking) make this one.

We also stopped at Blanche and Mimi, the cutest boutique in town. We got H some super cute Winter Water Factory dresses here.

We also went back up to Freeport to visit LL Bean and stock up on this great Pac Moose t-shirt I got last time.

The biggest thing we did was take the ferry from Portland over to Peaks Island. Adam really wanted to do this last time we were in town, but we didn’t get the chance. We spent a really nice afternoon there and had an amazing lobster dinner on the waterfront.

My in-laws went out earlier in the day. They met our ferry on a kayak that they’d rented.

Loved that line of geese doing their thing.

My stepfather-in-law.

A week after this trip H was officially walking all on her own.

Grandma doesn’t suspect anything…

…and then H goes straight for the teeth. She loves sticking her fingers in people’s mouths.

I was the only person who actually had the lobster dinner at Peaks Island House on Casco Bay. It was the best thing ever, and more fun to take apart than any respectful member of society should have.