I was planning on blogging last night, I really was. About my adventures with Meredith this week. Instead, I spent a couple of hours in the emergency room. Yeah….

We made my favorite fish dish for dinner last night, that killer grilled branzino. We fired up the grill and sat out on the patio, with orzo and herbs from the garden, grilled asparagus. Perfection. But Adam didn’t get home until after 8, so we actually had dinner after dark outside. And I have this cold. And apparently those things combined completely ruined my ability to eat properly. And I accidentally swallowed a harpoon-shaped fish bone, and it got lodged in one of my tonsils.

So…after some exceptionally colorful attempts to get it out of me, off we went to the hospital. Phrases like “alligator forceps” were tossed around. It moved further back. But eventually (with Adam holding the spotlight) the doctor fished it out, pun intended. I will quite possibly be naming my firstborn after her someday, because that was just horrible.

The bone was like this one, but with a longer hook at the end. And it was solid white, I have no idea how on earth I managed to miss it while eating. We were expecting a tiny bone fragment, but instead out came this mini shark tooth.

Not the best way to spend an evening, I may never cook fish again. :/