On Monday Meredith and I went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. They’re opening on Mondays just for this exhibit, and you can pay more for a ticket but avoid the now infamously long lines. So worth it, the exhibit is incredible. They don’t allow photos at the exhibit, but check out the link to the exhibit’s blog: there are some excellent photos and videos of the exhibit highlights. Two of my favorite pieces are shown in the “Romantic Gothic and Cabinet of Curiosities” post, the wooden boots (with the leather top) and the spray painted white frock. I loved the stories behind those, the audio guide is a must.

Meredith and I also ventured over to Pins & Needles, the new quilt shop on the Upper East Side. It’s an adorable, well-edited space with just the right combination of prints.  Including some hard-to-find (and incredibly pricey) sproutdesign prints. I’ve actually lusted after the Australian brand’s fabrics for a few years now, but I’ve never seen them in shops here. I splurged on a 1/2 yd of this great car print.

Meredith picked up some great prints for a new project. Love this shop, the staff were so sweet.

They do needlework as well, and they have tons of classes. I bought a hedgehog needle project, and I may just have to look into one of the classes.