Remember when I started the Party Mix Quilt to be a rug under the coffee table in the living room? I kind of scrapped that plan (for it to be a rug, at least) after I scored some Joel Dewberry “Tiles” in Celery from the Ginseng line for $6/yd at Peggy Anne’s in NH. I loved it so much I actually just wanted to make the rug out of that fabric alone.

So I did. In about an hour on Saturday night.

This is an experiment. Adam and I are getting used to the idea of a quilt as a rug. Both of us love the print, Adam thinks it looks like a playmat put under the coffee table, I think we’ll forget it’s a quilt after a while. However, I am noticing I’m having an aversion to stepping on it. So we might find out that Adam’s concern about it getting dingy will be right on. But for now, I think it’s pretty cool.