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It’s been a good, fall week. I’m really thrilled that the weather has finally dropped below 70. Boots and jackets season!

I made these paper bag “apples” with my Multiply Disabled class of kindergartners and 1st graders. We also read Salina Yoon’s Apples, Apples and Leaves, Leaves this week, which the kids liked. I’m having fun with my fall theme in this class, earlier in the season I taught them the “Fall Song” and made leaf cut-out drawings with them like I did with my pre-k kids last year.

I started putting out Halloween decorations at home. Mr. Ghost Potato Head has been in the Halloween rotation since we bought the house, but Pumpkin Pig and the spooky garland are new (from Target). Those hooks I accidentally permanently hung on the mantel for Christmas stockings our 1st year in the house are so handy year-round. Really! I also bought Ghost Pig, who is actually my favorite.

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Remember when I started the Party Mix Quilt to be a rug under the coffee table in the living room? I kind of scrapped that plan (for it to be a rug, at least) after I scored some Joel Dewberry “Tiles” in Celery from the Ginseng line for $6/yd at Peggy Anne’s in NH. I loved it so much I actually just wanted to make the rug out of that fabric alone.

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I’m finally starting a new quilt. The last actual quilt I made was Kelly’s Baby Quilt 2 months ago. Now I’m using Oh, Fransson’s Mixtape pattern (the Party Mix version, so glad I bought that pattern before it left the shop!) to make what I hope will become…a rug.

I know it’s completely crazy, but I want to try using a quilt as a rug under the coffee table in the living room. It doesn’t need a giant area rug, and rugs are really expensive, so I thought I’d repurpose a quilt instead. We’ll see how that goes, if I hate it on the floor it may make its onto a wall.

The first thing I had to do was decide on a color scheme.

I put 4 possibilities together: (clockwise from top left) red, yellow, and black; shades of blue with a caramel brown; shades of green with a chocolate brown; black, white, and grey. I talked to Adam about his favorite (he’ll be living with it, too, after all), and we both decided we liked the green. I haven’t made much with greens, and it ties the living room into the library.

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Finally! I have made a new giant pillow to replace the crusty old bed pillows I use for lounging around on the couch. I’m completely in love with this cushion, and next I’m making one for Adam in manlier colors.

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