circle quilt startOther posts on this project: My Next Quilting Project, Circle Quilt Pt. 1.

This is going really well. It took me three tries to make the circle template out of freezer paper, but I finally got it right. This will have 32 circles when it’s finished, and I’d originally wanted half of them to be appliqued and half of them to be 6 Minute Circles from Pieced Curves So Simple. So right now they are spaced to leave room for the appliqued circles, but now that I’ve got the hang of these 6 minute circles I’m thinking of doing the whole project with just those. Unfortunately I’ve already cut out the circles for the applique patches, so I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. But this is going to look great on the wall in the dining room when it’s finished.

I haven’t actually sewn the circles on yet. I’m going to piece all of them first, then go back and sew them all.

Here are some photos of how these circles are pieced.

circle template

I used a CD to trace the circle. This is freezer paper, two sheets fused together.


Dry ironed to the back of my background fabric.

making 6 min circles

The middle gets cut out, the remaining edge cut into “fringe” and glued to the freezer paper. Then I glue on the fabric that gets seen through the “window.” The paper pulls off, and after all the circles are on I will stitch in the ditch behind that fringe.