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It’s finished!

And now I don’t know if I like it in the dining room anymore. It’s taken me so long to finish this project that I’ve sort of moved on in my mental picture of that room. But I’m leaving it there for a few days to try out and see if it grows on me, especially since I think once we start hanging more stuff on the tree wall it will all come together. It always does, I just have to some patience.

I tried to make my own binding with a printed fabric, but I just couldn’t pick one that I thought complemented the others, and I didn’t want to use one I’d already used. I thought it would overpower the other fabrics. So I sort of took the easy road and picked a pale yellow pre-made binding. I also wanted to try putting it on properly for once, which means machine sewing one side of it on and then handsewing the other side. I did what I always do when I’ve come to the end of a project and just want it done: I made the sandwich and just machine-sewed all the layers at once. But still, I’m really happy with it.

I love the runner, I think it came out great. I just have to decide if I love it in this particular room….