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I just realized this didn’t get posted, I thought I scheduled it to go for this morning. So I finally finished blindstitching all the patches onto this table runner last week, the hand sewing part is done. But I’m using the table runner for a little visual experiment. The LCD on my camera died in Cancun, and I’ve been using Adam’s little point and shoot for the past month. It’s perfectly useable, but it’s not ideal. Adam also has 2 fairly serious Canon SLRs complete with several lenses, and I’m basically trying to figure out what I’m looking for in a camera. My camera still takes pictures, but I cannot see what I’m taking pictures of (both the screen and the viewfinder are LCD and shot). So I’m going to compare the quality of photos on all 3 cameras to try and decide what to do next.

First is the little point and shoot, second is my camera shooting blind, and third is Adam’s camera. No retouching, just scaled down to the size of my usual photos on here. The first used no flash, but my camera used flash because the pictures were all wobbly without it (since I can’t really see what it’s doing). I used the flash photo with Adam’s camera, too.

My conclusion is, I still have no idea.

table runner little camera

table runner my camera

table runner adam's camera