What do you think? I was going to save this until the summer, but I suddenly had the urge this morning to change the background of my blog. Immediately. I also moved some widgets around.

Here’s the original look of the blog:


Here it is with khaki background dots:


And for posterity, in case I change it again soon, here are the white dots currently set as the background:


I’m toying with possibly making the dots smaller and more spread out, or bigger and just fewer of them. I’m still deciding which I like better and which is easier to look at, khaki or white background.

I didn’t realize it, but Adam pointed out that my dots look like a Boden sweater. Even better, since I love polka dots and Boden.

**UPDATE: I’ve gone back to the khaki dots. I’m experimenting with smaller dots, but I think I like the khaki.