spongebobjewelryThis week the world is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Spongebob Squarepants. As I write this post VH1 is airing a documentary on the history of Spongebob called Square Roots. This weekend Nickelodeon is airing 11 brand new episodes.

And the celebration has been a year-long happening. This diamond filled Spongebob pendant was made by Russell Simmons’ jewelry company and auctioned off during this year’s Sundance Film Festival. In the fall, there will be a new hour-long Spongebob movie event guest starring folks like Will Ferrell and Robin Williams.

I adore Spongebob. A boy I dated briefly in college got me hooked on Spongebob a couple of years after it began airing. Honestly, the first time I saw it I really didn’t see the appeal. Then I saw an episode called “Band Geeks,” which is still my favorite Spongebob cartoon. It blew my mind and began my love affair with Spongebob, my favorite cartoon and probably my favorite TV show of all time. It is exceptionally funny and observant, and I’ve been hooked ever since I finally got what all the fuss was about.

When I moved home after college, my older brother and I realized we were both huge Spongebob fans. We worked together for about a year and would email each other Spongebob quotes all day long, trying to see who could outdo the other. When I’m sick or cranky, I make a bed fort with blankets, snacks, magazines, my netbook, and lots of Spongebob DVDs. I don’t come out until I’m better.

I find it impossible to stay in a bad mood when Spongebob comes on screen. The show is wicked funny, insightful, and very sly. Sometimes the humor is more for the adults watching than the kids who find it delightful. Who knew that this yellow sponge with a positive outlook on life would make such a lasting impact on American pop culture? Who doesn’t know Spongebob? Happy Birthday, Springboob Squirepin!