One of the most satisfying projects I did around the house this summer was cleaning out our laundry room closet. This closet was a serious disaster. See?

I guess I have this sort of one-closet-a-year thing, last year I overhauled the pantry (and it’s still in pretty good shape). But this one was turning into a total menace. When you opened the door things would fall on you. Adam did this huge wiring project in July, and he had to get into this closet a lot. Swearing and the stubbing of body parts ensued.

So we hit up Target for some colorful storage. Nothing makes me more motivated to organize than supplies. And this is the new end result.

I know this isn’t very exciting to many people, but organized closets seriously make life better. I firmly believe this. And those turquoise and green buckets and containers were all super affordable. I don’t think any of them were more than $5 each. Happiness.