My studio was getting really cluttered, and it was keeping me from being able to work on anything. I was just getting so stressed out because I’ve outgrown most of my storage and needed to seriously declutter. So I decided to put up some wall-mounted shelves for additional space, and what was originally going to be a pretty simple moving of some stuff turned into a serious organizing weekend. A much needed organizing weekend. Now I’m extremely calm in here and can actually get going on holiday projects. Here are some before and after photos.

Before (pardon the shaky-cam)

orange wall before

Orange wall before (that pile of fabrics was spread out all over the floor before I stacked it on my stool).

bulletin board before

Bulletin board wall before. I’d already moved most of my stuff off the desk, but it was more cluttered. And those bulletin board panels were starting to come down, so I had to reinforce them again.

desk before

My work table last night. Therein lies the problem. Hard to sew when you can’t actually see the top of the desk.


orange wall after

Love all the extra shelving. I even cleared out some closet space with these shelves. And the desk is clean, too.

bulletin board wall after

I took Adam’s suggestion of building the shelf into the bulletin board so it looked like part of it. I added another row of cork board panels and cut out space for the shelf brackets. Everything on that shelf used to sit on the desk and get in the way. The printer has moved to the floor.

shelf closeup

I love this shelf. It looks very cool, and it’s saving me tons of space and headaches.

A productive weekend, but I still can’t believe it’s almost over!