honeymoon photosI’ve checked two more projects off my ginormous To Do list for the house.

Earlier this week I hung these three photos in the dining room. We’ve got the tree up and I finished the table runner, and next we want to add some more to this wall. These photos are the first step; they’re all of our honeymoon in the Maldives.

Now I’m trying to figure out what else should go on this wall and the other empty wall space around the room.

hanging mom's quiltThen today I tackled a project in the guest room that has been more than a year in the making. Remember the anniversary quilt my mom gave us last year? We wanted to hang it on the wall in the guest room, but it took us ages to pick a hanging method. Then we just never got around to actually hanging it on the wall. So it’s been displayed on the bed this whole time, but I’ve always wanted it up and hanging so that everyone can see it. The colors matched the guest room the best of any other room, and it was also a place where we had enough wall space to hang it. So today my original plans to meet up in SoHo with my friend Kathy were postponed due to weather (which never came!). I had this whole open day I wasn’t expecting, so I decided to finally put up the quilt. And it really did take all day.

I made endless trips up and down the stairs to the garage before I finally had all the right tools. Finding the studs was exciting, and I had to measure the quilt and the wall space to get everything just right. Two different stud finders told me there was a stud where apparently there was not, so I put about 5 extra drill holes in the wall that all had to be spackled (wait to dry) and painted (waited for 2 coats to dry) before I could actually hang up the quilt. But now it’s up there, and I think it looks phenomenal.