2009 wrapping paperI can’t believe Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away and I’ve got my wrapping paper already. To be fair, I went a little overboard last year and had tons left. So this year, in the spirit of reusing while still being fabulous, I only bought 3 new rolls at The Container Store, bringing my total to 9. Yes, six rolls of paper left from last year. Actually, one of those rolls (the “ho^3” roll) is from 2 years ago, and I still haven’t used it up. I loved it and bought 3 or 4 originally. I may still get more, but for now this is what I’ve got.

The theme this year is silver. All different colors, but every one of these rolls has some silver element to it. I’d like to up the green a little, but we’ll see how far this takes me.

It also occurs to me now that since we’re going to the UK for Christmas, we will be shipping things straight there from stores and taking things in our luggage. That whole side of the family might not even get presents wrapped over here, unless I can fit paper into the luggage. I’ll have to give that some consideration. This theme may be revisited again next year….