Gift wrapping is like a bloodsport to me. Every December I pick out a new, matching palette of wrapping paper for my Christmas gifts. Seeing the coordinated gifts under the tree gives me immense satisfaction, and I make no apologies for my OCD tendencies in the world of aesthetics. My beloved 2nd floor laundry room also doubles as Gift Wrap Central, where I keep an endless supply of ribbons, tags, and tape in the cabinet drawers and use the folding surface to wrap. Throughout the year, whenever I see a great pattern on wrapping paper I have to buy it. Every possible occasion and color palette is covered in my collection. Target and The Container Store are my go-to sources for the coolest in gift wrap (Adam has an irrational fear of The Container Store, but that’s for another post).

This also means that I have more wrapping paper than I could ever conceivably use. A lot of sits around just looking tempting and pretty, taunting me.

A few weeks ago I realized I needed some new black sketchbooks and bought a supply from Amazon, only to discover upon their arrival that they had cheap cardboard covers.


Good black sketchbooks have the marbled, textured covers, and their manufacturers are smart enough to make labels that don’t destroy them. I did a lot of damage just tearing off the label, which I originally tried to cover with stickers before I had another idea.

I decided to cover the sketchbook with a patchwork of my wrapping paper, which I then completely encased in clear contact paper. I basically used a palette of blues and greens, and I’m really happy with the results. Now the sketchbook fits my crafty nature. I have 2 blank sketchbooks left to cover and ideas for new kinds of books to cover. I’ll have to buy more wrapping paper.

Fancy Sketchbook