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I wrote a post for GeekMom over the weekend about the launch of Phillip Lim’s collaboration with Target. Then bright and early Sunday morning, H and I ventured out to Target for the 8am opening.

There were about a dozen people in line for the opening, and by the time I got H into a cart and over to the clothes women (and a few men) were just picking the racks clean of everything. But, we did manage to get some great goodies into our cart.

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One of the most satisfying projects I did around the house this summer was cleaning out our laundry room closet. This closet was a serious disaster. See?

I guess I have this sort of one-closet-a-year thing, last year I overhauled the pantry (and it’s still in pretty good shape). But this one was turning into a total menace. When you opened the door things would fall on you. Adam did this huge wiring project in July, and he had to get into this closet a lot. Swearing and the stubbing of body parts ensued.

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