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I feel really good about the start of a fresh new year, especially since 2018 was so eventful. I’m trying to dust off this blog a little–it’ll turn 11 in April, and even though I spend most of my social media life on Instagram I’m not ready to abandon it. So, the first big thing we’ve done this year is take a little last-minute mommy/daughter/pup road trip to Canada.

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“I love dogs! They’re my favorite pet animals.”
“I love parrots! They’re my favorite birds.”
“I love dolphins! They’re my favorite sea animals.”
“I love lions! They’re my favorite big animals.”
“I love dinosaurs! They’re my favorite reptiles.”
“I love spiders! They’re my favorite bugs.”

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He got neutered a few days ago. I did actually get out my Silhouette Cameo and decal his cone. Not the first day he came home, that was just too much sadness for the world. But as he’s recovered, and just bangs into walls and runs in circles because he can’t scratch himself, I couldn’t help myself.

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I do. I want to post about good things, about stuff we’re making here, things we’re doing, how cute my dog is. How cute my kid is, even. But to talk about this stuff and pretend that the country isn’t in a dark place right now is disingenuous, it’s pretending that everything is fine, everything is normal.

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This is really just another shameless way for me to talk about the puppy. We are so smitten with his scrumptious cuteness.


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