This is really just another shameless way for me to talk about the puppy. We are so smitten with his scrumptious cuteness.


Way back in late November/early December, when we knew he was coming, I made him a couple of things. I made him a crate blanket backed with minky, and a patchwork mat to cover my carseat when he rides with us. We’ve used both of these to pieces, I actually need to give that carseat blanket a thorough washing, or an exorcism,┬áminimum.

I used a collection of prints that have been in my stash for ages, All Star 2 by My Mind’s Eye for Riley Blake. At some point I may end up making another car mat; as much as I love orange, I don’t know how long I can drive around with it.

The blanket is maybe a yard of All Star 2 and a yard of minky, no batting. That print I adore, the polka dots. It took maybe half an hour to make the blanket, I just sewed the 2 fabrics right sides facing, left a good size hole, turned the blanket inside out, and top-stitched around the whole thing. No quilting, very easy.

The patchwork mat was pretty straightforward, too. I did big 12.5″ squares of 8 prints, stitched them together, and assembled it the same way as the blanket…but with a layer of batting. Right sides together (batting on the outside), and then turn it right side out and finish it off. I put some strips of bias tape in there, too, so I could tie it around the headrest in the car. But that turned out to be useless, I just use it as a mat on the seat. Not as a cover for the whole seat, which I originally thought I’d do.

The project was great for him to have some of his own possessions, but having him pal around with us in the car is even better. Sometimes he comes with me on the H school run, just to see the sights. And now he knows the drill. If I put the car harness on him, he trots out into the garage and waits patiently by his car door. He can’t jump in on his own yet, but he wags his tail and gets excited. Hamilton lives for the adventures of the open road.