I do. I want to post about good things, about stuff we’re making here, things we’re doing, how cute my dog is. How cute my kid is, even. But to talk about this stuff and pretend that the country isn’t in a dark place right now is disingenuous, it’s pretending that everything is fine, everything is normal.

It’s not fine. I do not support the policies of this president. My husband is an immigrant, our daughter has special needs, I am a former public school teacher. This is not the world we want. I have been speaking out, marching, giving to the ACLU, calling my senators and congressmen. I’m getting involved locally, joining committees, and even meeting with county democrats about a possible run for office sometime down the line. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know I’ve become one of the insufferable numbers who post endlessly about politics. But this is beyond politics, beyond an election. This is now about actual governing, and what I’m seeing is not what I think America is all about.

I want to go back to talking about all the stuff I love, and that I’ve been talking about here for almost 9 years now. But refugees, fleeing awful circumstances in their own homes, are being turned away at our airports. Five-year-olds and the elderly are being detained in isolation for hours. Betsy DeVos is meeting with minimal resistance as I type this in her bid to become Secretary of Education. I’m all for jobs, and a boost in the economy, but I do not believe this administration is the way to do it. The costs in return are way too high.

So, I will go back to posting about everyday life, and the stuff that feels so frivolous lately but is actually a tether to keep me from spiraling into constant worry. But it needs to be said out loud, and in writing, by anyone who disagrees with this government, that this is not normal. Our grandkids will one day read about how we stood up, what we did. And even on a little blog like this, that’s basically just read by Kathy and my mom, it needs to be announced.

And then we can move forward with the happy stuff. But you know where I stand. There are good things still happening in everyday life, and these policies have not reached my front door yet. But they very well might. And I need to keep posting the good stuff, keep my mental space clean and bright, so when they do ring the bell I’m rested, and I’m ready.

So, here’s a photo of my dog, who went to the groomer yesterday.