It’s a new year, and Picasa is dead. Picasa has been dead for quite some time, but I was still using it to make these outfit collages. It is surprisingly hard to find a collage maker that will just let you take some number of vertical photos and put them in a grid, nothing fancy. I got a new laptop this week (more on that later), so now the old copy of Picasa I was using is gone, and I can’t download it anymore. Ugh.

But, I used to make this one, and we’ll see how that goes. I also used Picasa for my edits, so I’m in the midst of getting used to a lot of new programs. I do not like change. This trackpad feels weird. Ugh. It’s that kind of tech week.

And January was that kind of month, because…well, you know. It is the start of a new year, and suddenly there are way more changes ahead for the coming year than I could’ve guessed in December. Some good, some scary, some just really different. What is the blogging equivalent of vaguebooking? That’s what this is, I’m not ready to talk about all the changes yet. But someday soon, and then I won’t stop talking about them, I suspect.

Anyway, this is super vague. But I’m still getting used to this laptop, and new software, and my brain is as jumbled as this message. I’ll be more coherent next time!