I’m back! It’s been crazy around here since Thanksgiving. Adam was out of town at a conference the week after Thanksgiving, and I was just busy getting everything done. Then literally the day he got home, H and I came down with the stomach flu, and we got a puppy. Adam spent 6 hours at a rest stop in northern New Jersey waiting for this rescue pup’s transport to arrive, while I was at home being sick and cleaning up after H being sick. So much fun.

The week since has just been recovering, getting used to the puppy (more on him later), and finishing up a big work deadline. I’m finally starting to catch up, and to catch my breath.

November was a hard month. I’ve had this permanent feeling of existential dread about the state of things, so I’ve been trying to focus on what I can actually control. And also trying to get into the holiday spirit, which was slow going at first. We’re getting there, but it was definitely slow to get rolling. And I’m still stuck in a news loop, I just can’t stop reading and stressing. I deleted Facebook from my phone. I’d hidden all of the news sites I follow, but my friends are sharing the same articles I’d be reading anyway, so it’s hard to avoid. I’m trying to limit it to when I’m actually on my laptop.

And that’s really all I have to say about November. It was hard, and scary, but I’m focusing in and moving past it. The end. Meh.