We got a puppy! His name is Hamilton, and he’s a 10-month-old maltipoo. He is the sweetest, funniest, cutest, most relaxed dog we’ve ever met.


He came from Waggytail Rescue, who were just wonderful. H LOVES dogs, and has wanted a dog of her own for years. But we wanted to wait until she was old enough to help take care of a dog, and with her 5th birthday in March we thought now was a great time. Plus, I was worried about my allergy to dogs, and how I’d be affected. So Waggytail helped us find a gentle, hypoallergenic dog to become part of the family. And he’s so great!


He arrived on Saturday, December 3rd, and it was total chaos. H and I came down with the stomach flu the same afternoon we were supposed to pick him up. Adam got off a plane from a conference in Las Vegas at 7am, and we picked him up. We were supposed to pick up Hamilton at 9am, but his transport was delayed until the evening. So, we went home. And then I got sick. And then 3 hours later, H got sick. Then Adam left at 6pm to pick up the pup, and he found out on the way that the transport was delayed another few hours.

So, Adam hung out at the rest stop in North Jersey, where the puppy hand off was set to take place, for 5.5 hours. While I was at home being sick and then cleaning up after H while she got sick. Sometimes we were sick at the same time. It was an insane day, on every possible level! Poor me, poor H, poor jetlagged Adam who started the day on a plane and ended it at the Vince Lombardi rest area.


Adam and Hamilton didn’t get home until 1:30am. We were all still up, but so tired. But by Sunday morning, we’d all gotten some sleep and were feeling better. Hamilton settled in and has just been amazing. He’s warmed up to us and made himself right at home.

IMG_4981 He’s been to the vet, and he’s had a nice grooming. He felt so much better after getting groomed last week! They had to completely shave his tail and give his ears a significant cleanup because of mattes and tangles.



And now he’s like a new pup! He’s so playful and silly, but he also relaxes like nobody’s business. He follows me like a shadow, and he loves Adam, too. He’s warming up to H, who adores him. But with her sensory issues, she’s reluctant to touch his dog treats or pet him too vigorously, and those are the 2 surest ways to his heart. They’re getting there, though. He prefers to sleep in a crate in her room at night. He’s pretty fantastic.



We love that he’s joined our family. 🙂